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Heritage Lakewood Belmar Park

Located at Lakewood, Colorado, Heritage Lakewood Belmar Park is a museum, 20th-century history park, and festival experience that commemorates the whole community. The home for the 15 historic buildings of Lakewood, Colorado, and artifacts that are up to 40,000, circulating and permanent exhibits, an outdoor amphitheater, and a festival area.

The Visitor Center and Museum Store are open from Tuesday until Saturday from 10 am until 4 pm and on Sunday from noontime until 4 pm.

Heritage Lakewood Rentals 

Its beauty and unique setting may be perfect for your next wedding, business meeting, or any special event. In a very affordable indoor and outdoor accommodation that is centrally standing in a spacious rea that features historic landmark buildings of the city in the 20th century. Along with the gorgeous picturesque mountain views, each event space in Heritage Lakewood offers a one-of-a-kind spot perfect for any occasion. EZ Lakewood Junk Removal

About the Collection

The artifacts housed by Heritage Lakewood are a direct link to our past. Artifacts are being collected to preserve, interpret, and study to unlock a piece of information about our past and our place in history. These discovered artifacts of the past activities of our ancestors give evidence so scientists could unfold some things from the past.

The artifacts in Heritage Lakewood cover the 20th century, (but are not limited to) early technology, business, textiles, personal artifacts, military life, material culture, and domestic life. Based on many studies of the scientists the 20th-century spans decades of developing history due to major social change in the United States and the whole world. Many of these items are relevant to all Americans.

Interurban Car No.25

One of the most special exhibits they have is the Interurban Car No. 25. It was then when Denver had an electric railing system that was over 250 miles of the city rails. With 40 miles of high-speed railcars that have been connecting Denver with Boulder and Golder. Many of these riders have used the system to go to Downtown Denver which is the place for working, attending school, recreation and shopping.

Car No. 25 is limited for public access thus an open house takes place every year during summertime.

Reviews from Past Visitors

Heritage Lakewood Belmar Park is ranked as number 6 in 20 things to do in Lakewood with 4.5 reviews from 45 individuals. 25 individuals voted excellent whereas one voted for both poor and terrible. A Janet F. from Highlands Ranch, Colorado voted 5 out 5 while quoting the museum as a nice place to walk and soak some cool artifacts.


Address: 480 S. Allison Pkwy, Lakewood, CO

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