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Piano Removal

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A piano is a special piece of furniture to keep in the home. It isn’t an item that just plays music, but it’s an item that represents music itself. There is no other instrument that on the planet can provide an array of musical options. If you have a piano, you can play anything from jazz pieces to classical compositions. Simply put, you’ll never get tired of playing it. The only issue is that they aren’t simply investments. They’re basically small extensions of the house. Small piece of furniture If you will. Just like other furniture items, pianos eventually will need replacement. Unfortunately, this is not an event that is as exciting as playing the instrument itself. This is unless, of course, you contact us to take care of the removal of the old piano for you.

How To Get Rid Of Your Old Piano

If you’ve ever looked in the process of removing your old piano, you likely have come across various options to choose from. But, none are more convenient and simple than what we are offering. Our uniformed and highly trained specialists take the time ensure that your old piano is properly removed from your home with no hassle. We make sure that the piano is taken to the most appropriate locations where you won’t be forced to miss another night of sleep due to it. Our teams of experts have a wealth of experience and expertise and whatever the job requires We’ll know how to finish it.

Donating Your Old Piano

Just because your old piano isn’t in use for you, it doesn’t necessarily mean that someone else can’t enjoy it. It could be a simple repair that requires. There may be no issue with it, as you are just moving to a more advanced model. Whatever the reason you’re in a situation to ensure that your new piano goes to the right spot. If there’s an organization or family out there who can benefit from the use of your piano and we’ll ensure that it gets to them. We’re in constant contact with music facilities, recycling centers, and donation companies, and work together with them each day.

Recycling Your Old Piano

There is a chance that your old piano could not be suitable for donation. Maybe there is something majorly wrong with it, or it’s become unattractive. These things do occur with time, but that doesn’t mean that your piano isn’t useful. Maybe someone can get something useful from the ivory key. Perhaps the pedal from the metal could be used in a new way. If there are parts and pieces in the piano that could be reused or used, then you can be assured that we’ll make sure they get used in the right way.

Why Let Us Handle Your Piano Removal

Removal of pianos with us is an opportunity to win. Even if you decide to remove the piano from the property on your own, there’s the matter of getting it to the landfill or dump. There is also the fee that the landfill or dump would charge to dispose of the item. With us, you only pay a one-time, upfront fee. We take care of everything from the disassembling of the piece to transportation and removal. We genuinely want to make the task as easy as possible for you, precisely what we’ve achieved.

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