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Kendrick Lake Park

If you don’t have any plans for the weekend yet, you might consider having a walk or run, enjoying a picnic, going fishing, or maybe just admiring the colorful flowers in the garden. Kendrick Lake Park in Lakewood, Colorado has for everyone. This Park has been considered as one of the most recognized xeric gardens in the whole metropolitan area, a large trail with a magnificent reservoir, impressive playground area for the kids, and an accessible shelter and fishing.

Park Features 

The Kendrick Lake Park doesn’t just cater to people who like to take a walk or fishing they cater to a wide array of recreational activities perfect for the whole family.


Imagine the whole day spent in a picturesque place with your whole family after a tiring week from work. Having a BBQ and picnic with the family over the weekend seems fun and therapeutic.


Of course playground area for the kids shouldn’t be forgotten. Every child’s greatest childhood memory is created at the playground. Give your kids a unique playtime experience at Kendrick Lake Park. They will definitely thank you for that, that’s what I am sure of. EZ Lakewood Junk Removal

Reservable Picnic Shelter

Consider reserving a Picnic shelter area for your visit to ensure the whole family is comfortable and guarded by whatever natural circumstances will ever happen.

Lake or Pond

A fishing day trip at Kendrick Lake Park must be included in your weekend plan. Maybe bring your friends or kids to be engaged more with the fishing activity that is great to create a strong bond with each other.

Bicycle Paths

The very beautiful bike trails will make you pretend as if you are the main character in a film. The trails are surrounded by flowers that will make you stop every time to take pictures or just stare at how beautifully they sway around with the wind.

Reviews for Past Visitors

The Park has been given a 4.5 rating out of 5. 24 of the 48 reviews voted excellently and 6 said it was average. One of the past visitors from Trenton, New Jersey said that it was well maintained especially for a free public park. One Lakewood local voted 5 out of five for having a friendly and respectful staff when it comes to pets. A Denver, Colorado visitor also stated that the park has wonderful contrasts of lake walk, playground, and xeric garden. They briefly explained how they fell in love with the beautiful flowers during May as they intertwined with the hot sun and the colors of the flowers.

Address: 9351 W Jewell Ave, Lakewood, CO

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