Addenbrooke Park

This lovely park in Lakewood has it all, from walking and biking paths to sports areas such as baseball, soccer fields, up ‘til tennis and basketball courts. Aside from that the park has a playground where kids can start making happy childhood memories, picnic shelters where you can just sit and relax while quietly staring at the picturesque setting.


Addenbrooke Park in Lakewood, Colorado covers one and two that can be found on the westernmost side of the park a few walks across the lake. They are expected to be reserved together and combined. It should have 12 tables and four grills and cater to up to 120 individuals. The third roof shelter can be accessed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Alcohol consumption other than beer is required to have an alcohol permit. The charge for an alcohol grant is $100 obtainable through the Department of Community Resources by phone at 303-987-7800 during usual business hours.

Activities That are Prohibited in the Park

  • Driving off designated roadways. This involves driving beyond curb lines and preferred parking areas or onto footpaths to load or unload any kind of material or supplies.
  • Installation of anything that obstructs sidewalks or paths. Such as buildings, tents, structures, canopies, structures, charcoal grills, or other equipment on the grass.
  • Glass beverage containers.
  • Open fires.
  • Resale of food, beverages, or other products.
  • Removal of tables from other areas.
  • Portable toilets.
  • Playing horseshoes in non-designated areas.
  • Dunk tanks, jumping castles, or similar items. EZ Lakewood Junk Removal
  • Littering.
  • Physical damage to park shelters or other facilities.
  • Pets that are off-leash.
  • Piñatas or similar items require extensive cleanup after use.
  • Loud music that would disturb other park users.
  • Smoking is prohibited.

Cancellation Policy: This should be done two or more weeks before the date of visit to forfeit a service charge amounting to $20. Refunds or rescheduling can be made if the cancellation will be received less than two weeks prior to the scheduled visit.

Inclement Weather Policy: A cancellation due to a natural circumstance such as bad weather must be made by midnight of the day before the scheduled visit. Just dial 303-987-7800 for cancellation. Just state your name park name, reservation date. If these have been approved, a reservation can be made to a different date or another available date within the calendar.


  • Basketball Courts
  • Concessions
  • Grill(s)
  • Lake or Pond
  • Picnic Tables
  • Public Art
  • Reservable Picnic Shelter
  • Restrooms (temporary)
  • Walking Trails Paved
  • Restrooms (temporary)
  • Reservable Picnic Shelter
  • Public Art
  • Playground
  • Parking Lot
  • Horse Trails
  • Football/Soccer Fields
  • Bicycle Paths
  • Basketball Courts

Address: 600 South Kipling Parkway, Lakewood, CO

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