Bear Creek Lake Park

A hidden paradise in the center around three lakes at the foot of the hills between Morrison and Lakewood: Big Soda Lake, Little Soda Lake, and Bear Creek Lake. There are many varieties of activities to do like fishing, boating, biking, and camping are the main thing in Bear Creek Lake.

The Bear Creek Dam was the last of the three dams that were built to protect the city of Denver from massive floods. The Bear Creek is around one hundred acres and that makes it the largest among the three. Admission fee is collected for general use and offers a discount for seniors.

Activities to Do


There are approximately 15 miles of multi-use dirt trails that are located within the vicinity of the park. Pets are warmly welcome as long as the pets are on leash everywhere but except the beach. Horseback riding, hiking, and biking are also popular activities to do on the park’s trail.


The park has approximately two lakes for public access such as boating, and one is strictly for water ski school.

Bear Creek Lake – Motorized boating

Big Soda Lake – Non-motorized craft EZ Lakewood Junk Removal

Little Soda Lake – Limited access to private boats and solely for Water Ski School


Planning for a weekend camping also seems kind of fun at Beer Creek Lake in Lakewood, Colorado. Imagine, waking up in a quiet, picturesque environment with nothing to give back to the beauty that nature offers. There are 47 campsites at the park, three cabins, and two yurts. The closest camping area to Red Rocks makes it great for music events.


Bear Creek Lake is the palace of rainbow trout, smallmouth bass, and saugeye. Each year during May, there is an event called Trout Fishing Tournament that is open to 25 duo-water crafting teams and 25 duos inshore fishing teams.

Horseback Riding

Open every April up to October, Bear Creek Ranch Stables offers horseback riding, hayrides, and lessons.

Other Activities Available:

  • SwimmingWinter Recreation
  • BBQ Grilling
  • Picnics

According to Past Visitors

Bear Creek Lake received a 4.5 out of 5 overall reviews from 182 individuals. 94% said it was an excellent experience and 2% said it was terrible. All reviews make the Lake Keep better and better to meet everyone’s expectations and make their most memorable moment during their stay. One review said that it was “A nice family swim lake.” According to the review, there is no lifeguard but the whole place was surrounded by park rangers near the site. Another review also said that the parking area was a nice walking trail and it is easily accessible.

Address: 480 S. Allison Pkwy, Lakewood, CO

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