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William Frederick Hayden Park

With the amazing 2,400 acres of open space, the William Frederick Hayden Park on the Green Mountains is considered to be the second-largest park in Lakewood. The 6,800 feet summit of the Green Mountain is. A challenging network that will surely satisfy your love for its stunning and unique views of the Denver metropolitan area to the west and east part of the mountain’s peaks.

Since the year 1972, the majority of the park was donated or purchased from the Hayden Family. The beautiful meadows that were once home to the buffalo, this beautiful park is now providing a rich habitat for a wide array of wild animals, such as hawks, rattlesnakes, coyotes, rabbits, mule deer, bluebirds, and the occasional mountain lions.

What to Expect

The trail has been rerouted by the city staff to meet sustainable perfect practice standards. The reroute has been constructed in a 4-foot width designed features that prevent erosion including drainage dips, spaced, rolling-grade dips, and out sloping. The new segment of the present grade will be kept below 10% to help the big possibility of erosion, and of course, designed to meet the needs of all trail users at the same time. Construction is going to occur by using a mini-excavator for the initial trail cutting followed by hand crews that will finish the whole construction this spring or early summer. EZ Lakewood Junk Removal

Activities Available


In a usual manner, the great bikers who attempt to reach the staggering summit and also with the hikers can be encountered across the hills. The moment that you reach for the top, there will be a trail system along the peaks of each hill up ‘til the official summit.


Green Mountain is the home for an array of wild creatures which are the mule deer, hawks, coyotes, bluebirds, rabbit, rattlesnakes, and wild cats that occasionally appears.

According to the Past Visitors

William F Hayden Park on Green Mountain in Lakewood, Colorado received a 4.5 review out of 5 from 59 individuals. 34 of it said it was excellent and 8 voted Average. One of the past visitors said “Nice open hike” because it has a nice and accessible area to hike. The number of open roads is enough to accommodate hikers and bikers. Another review from a past visitor said that it is a “Nice place to get away” for its fantastic and picturesque view.

One of the best parts of this mountain trail park is how close it is to town especially if you don’t want to drive far just to get a mountain view.

Address: 1000 S Rooney Rd, Lakewood, CO

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