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Eiber neighborhood is a residential community in the northern part of Lakewood, CO. It consists of mostly single-family residential properties as well as large lots, urban culture, gardening, and horse properties that are mixed with pockets of townhomes and apartments through the business corridors. Eiber has a long and rich history spanning more than 100 years as a suburban residential community of the city of Denver. Due to the agricultural history, serving the farm and produce free-market to Denver residents during the early 20th century.

Eiber is conveniently located in between downtown Denver and the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. 15 minutes along the highway either direction can take you to extremes of urban business and culture and access to rich mountain wildlife. It has served as a corridor by several major transportation units, including US 6 / 6th Ave freeway, US 40 / Colfax Ave, and the light rail service in between Golden and Denver.

This lovely neighborhood in Lakewood is geographically bounded by Wadsworth Blvd, Colfax Ave, 6th Ave, and Oak St. The neighborhood has obtained formal recognition by the City of Lakewood’s neighborhood development initiative as the seventh recognized neighborhood in Lakewood, Colorado. Throughout many years, it has provided access to varieties of funding sources for developmental projects along with the community.


There are a lot of things to do in Eiber such as Parks and other nearby facilities.

  • Holbrook Park located at 810 Garrison Street
  • James J Richey Park located at 1301 Carr Street EZ Removal Junk Removal
  • Sunset Park is located at 10500 W. 12th Avenue

Nearby Schools 

Nearby Churches

Sustainable Projects

Lakewood has its community sustainable cooperative organization that networks community members who are passionate when it comes to sustainability and ready to give their time and efforts in building a stronger, healthier Lakewood for future generations.

The City of Lakewood, Colorado Sustainable Neighborhoods Program has been providing residents the opportunity to become active partners in creating a vibrant and sustainable community for all Lakewood residents.

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